There is something endlessly fascinating about being outside in nature, just observing, whether it’s by a lake, in a forest, on the shoreline or up a mountain.

Photography in nature for me is a way of being aware and present in the moment. Sometimes this results in a photograph, a permanent representation of something that was seen and experienced at the time.

Sometime later, the final photographic print is hopefully something that does not have to rely on labels, definitions or things; it changes with the state of mind of the viewer, maybe revealing more of itself over time, certainly sharing something with the viewer, as the viewers share themselves with the photograph.


To be amongst people practicing their own art is a fortunate position to be in. There is an air of trust and feeling of something connecting all those present; the observer as well. Here, there can be a great view of how the individual and the group can be, at the same time.

Maybe photography can provide an insight into this, whilst knowing that the photographer is at once part of the group as also an individual. The photographs that result are not the person, the dancer or the dance, they are something parallel.


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